mardi gras

I painted mardi Gras floats and props ( the large, carved figures that go on the fronts of floats) for years. I even got to design a few minor parades along the way. Here's some of the floats that I painted from 2007-2010, which was  the last time I went back home to New Orleans to live.

I was hesitant to post these-the floats are gigantic, lumpy, and parked entirely too close together for an artist to back up far enough to be able to see what they are drawing/painting- and as a result, some of the rendering gets WONKY ( gigantic heads, claw hands, etc.).

But enough people have expressed that they think that the whole working on Mardi Gras thing was cool that I've decided to post some pictures anyway.

Most of these floats were designed by DAMON BOWIE-a truly gifted and remarkable comic book/digital artist. I loved working with him and painting his designs. A couple of the more traditional floats that you see were designed by Manuel Pons. He has been a Mardi Gras designer for years and his work is just beautiful!

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