Christmas drop for Haugh Performing Arts Center 60’ x 30'- designed by John Patrick, who is, as usual, brilliant.Sweeney Todd drop 60' x 28'- I loved painting this for John Patrick, designer of the show. He always challenges me, and brings out my best workSweeney Todd drop left detail John Patrick, designerMary Poppins- family home 25x60 designed by John PatrickMary Poppins-scrim 50”x25"Mary Poppins -bank- designed by John Patrick 60x28Mary Poppins- jolly holiday tree legs-each is 25x12.5 designed by John PatrickMary Poppins-jolly holiday drop-designed by John PatrickMary Poppins-St.Paul's-designed by John Patrick 60x28Mary Poppins-the center background of these legs are raw canvas, giving a lovely , backlit glow when they are on stage. Designed by John Patrick.Mary Poppins projection curtainsnow scene for Mousetrap- designed by John PatrickHere’s a little mural I did for a commercial. It’s meant to be seen in the background, outside a window. I never saw it after I finished. I wonder where these things are aired sometimes.“Michaelangelo”, painted for Chick-fil-a commercial-with Vladimir MoralesChristmas Is 2015-close up of Santa and Mrs. Klaus portraitChristmas Is 2015 -Santa’s House drop"Idiot's Delight"- Backdrop for CSU Northridge. I painted this little backdrop ( 12x18 ) with the help of the wonderful Taylor and Ilana, very talented students.Christmas Show- Land of the Sweets 60' x 28' John Patrick designerChristmas show- Christmas cookies drop 60' x 28' John Patrick designerChristmas show-this is one of those trees that rises up out of the stage- 45' tall John Patrick, designerMidsummer Night's Dream forest-thanks Eyvind Earle!Beauty and the Beast-the Forest John Patrick, designerBeauty and the Beast drop 60' x 28'- John Patrick, designerBeauty and the Beast-the Tavern John Patrick, designerBeauty and the Beast-the Library John Patrick, designerBeauty and the Beast- the Dungeon John Patrick, designerBeauty and the Beast-Belle's House John Patrick, designerChristmas show-decorated gym drop. So many bricks.Christmas show fantasy tree house cut out drop John Patrick, designerChristmas show fantasy ship cut out drop John Patrick, designerMighty Joe Young drop for El Capitan

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