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Durer's Cat 200

Durer's Cat This is Gus Gus. I first met Gus Gus back in New Orleans. I had moved back there after Katrina, and I was having a bit of a rough time of it. One day, as I was hanging around in my apartment , I could have sworn that I heard a faint, insistent mewing coming from my porch. Gus Gus was there, staring at me through the glass of my French door and talking up a storm. I’m allergic to cats, but Gus Gus won me over with his dreamsicle good looks and his charming manner. I let him in and he hung around for a bit, but then he wanted to leave and I reluctantly let him go. He was back the next day, this time pawing at the glass panes and again, mewing up a storm. This went on almost daily. I found out that Gus Gus lived with a bunch of cats-including 2 brothers- just about a block away from me. He was well taken care of, but still insisted on coming to visit . Sometimes he would bring one of his brothers with him. One time he brought a lady friend. I was always glad to see him. I looked forward to his visits and found that his presence cheered me up-a lot.Gus Gus went over the rainbow bridge years ago. I like to think that wherever he is, there are no constraints on time or space, leaving him free to drop in whenever he wants on whomever he wants . I picture him soothing Einstein, or amusing the Gershwins, or, in this case, inspiring one of my favorite artists, Albrecht Durer, by being the excellent, cheering company that he was when I knew him. Durer’s Cat is available as part of the “Cats” show at Cactus Gallery

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