Portraits- animals, people, and beings in between

These four damned clowns are available at this year’s The Coaster Show V6, over at Gallery 30 SouthCock of the Walk is available He is part of the Sexy Beasts show at The Hive Gallery in Los AngelesShy Shoebill is available He is part of the Sexy Beasts show at The Hive Gallery in Los AngelesAfrican Wild Dog SOLD this little fellow is descended from wolves-just like the dogs we love-but he cannot interbreed with dogs or with wolves and he cannot be tamed. I painted him for the upcoming Ho’olaule’a group show at Cactus Gallery L.A. , which is all about endangered critters-like our friend here.The Parrot available this Mexican Red Headed fellow is hanging around at Cactus Gallery .Mystic Raven SOLD Odin’s friend. He sees all. Prints are available.Fishes for Puffin SOLD I saw a show about puffins. They fly far distances to get fish to take back to their nests and half the time, seagulls steal their fish away-in mid flight! Prints are available.Cool Parrot available He’s ice coldBuckeroo Przewalski SOLD This handsome fellow is part of an ancient breed. He claims that he can trace his ancestors directly back to Lascaux. Prints are availableGander available Gander is a Chinese Brown Goose-he is very well respected around the farm.Cozy Giraffe SOLD Painted for the “Patterns” group show at Cactus Gallery. Prints are available.Dandy Zebra - available Painted for the “Patterns” group show at Cactus Gallery.Angelino - SOLD This little fellow was painted as a commission for his proud owner.Dapper Hornbill - SOLD painted for Cactus Gallery’s Tiny Treasures XII. Prints are available.Blue Swan-SOLD Prints are available.Orange Parrot SOLD Prints are available.Tip Your Waiter- Commission I painted this one for the world famous Morning Call Coffee Stand in New Orleans. I understand it’s hanging up in the City Park restaurant, in case you have a yen for beignets, excellent coffee and art.Celine Commission This is a commissioned portrait of a dear friend’s beloved pet.Portrait of Ms. M Commission A commissioned portraitAnimal Portrait Puns series… availableFox Glove- the fifth and final in this series. I would like to thank Alexandre Yevgenievich Yakovlev for the use of his house…. availablePig Iron- the fourth portrait in this series- our pig happily lives in Ford Maddox Brown’s house- which has nothing to do with anything other than the fact that I loved this room... I like to think that Mr. Brown would be amused. availableSheep Fold -the third portrait in this series. availableCow Pies-the second in the series… availableRabbit Ears-the first in a new series… availableCake Monkey SOLD I think our little friend was hoping for a banana. Prints are available.Cherry Bird SOLD I was trying for a 1940’s look in this one. Prints are available.B.B. Wolf- What a scoundrel. availableAnna Dillon Thinks the Circus Will Save Her NFS An old family photo served as the model for this painting. I made up the story and filled in the background with vintage circus posters.This one is very personal. Maybe I'll tell you more some day.

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